Prostate Cancer Awareness, Our Children and MORE!

In the month of June, we honor our fathers, grandfathers, and other men on Father's Day, and here at Be Ye AWARE Clothing, we do the same. However, for the month of June, which happens to be Prostate Cancer Awareness Month in the state of New Jersey where our company is located, we want to remind all of the men to have a prostate exam.
Our men are dying from a disease that is easily detectable and treatable due to refusing to allow for an initial 30 second exam. Men, don't let that be you!
In an effort to raise awareness for prostate cancer, we have created the Prostate Cancer Awareness Collection (Use Promo Code PCA when ordering from this collection alone) so that a portion of the proceeds of sales will be donated to the Rutgers Cancer Institute located in New Brunswick, New Jersey, so that research and better treatment can continue to be made available to treat this disease. You can always make a donation of your own at:
June is a month that we also recognize children, our present and our future. We celebrate them with our "Babies & Children's" Collection with a 10% Sale for the entire month of June! Use Promo Code KIDS17
It is unofficially SUMMER TIME! Why not start now getting ready for summer? We are having a site-wide SUMMER SALE until the end of summer. Enjoy 15% off ALL ORDERS $40 & UP! Use Promo Code SUMMER17
To all of our customers, WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!
Blessings Always,
A.j. Love

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